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3.4sI tried to fix it once, but then I got mad and hit it some more.
2.1sI guess it's good we didn't have children.
3.2sOh, give me that, you senile old idiot.
1.05sLet me see...
3.8sThat goes there... Lefty loosey, righty tighty,
1.5sand, fixed!
2.67sWhat? I could've fixed it that easily?
7.16s(LAUGHS) Okay. I've modeled the device to release a single huge antichroniton blast.
1.84sIt should rip us out of stasis,
3.37sback to the instant before I conceived of the Time Button.
2.99sYou mean we'll all get to live our lives over again?
1.22sOh, my, yes.
2.5sEven that nasty robot, what's-his-name.
4.54sOf course, we won't remember anything that's happened.
1.5sWhat do you say?
1.77sWant to go around again?
1.3sI do.