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2.4sDon't get antsy. I got 3 minutes left.
2.02sSo, What the hell, Brian? You cured yet?
4.12sI don't want to have to live in a house with plastic on the furniture, like some Italian family.
2.17sMy therapist thinks he's figured out what problem is.
3.02sOh, Yeah? What does Sigmund "Fraud" think it is?
2.02sHe, uh, thinks I'm in love.
1.73sOh, my God!
1.42sYou can talk!
1.19sNever mind.
1.38sWell, d-does this girl love you back?
1.58sOh, I can't imagine.
1.33sYou gotta find out for sure.
4.04sYou don't want to spend your life wondering what could have been.
1.33sSir, I need a decision.
1.13sUh, uh, uh,
1.83suh, Salad.
2.1sNo--No, wait! Soup! Soup!
2.44sBut it was too late.
5.37sAnd to this day, I still lay awake at night wondering about the soup that got away.