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2sI've been taking the blame for Rex.
1.47sEww! It's everywhere!
2.59sIt's ok. Meg, hand me my sweater.
1.92sJeez, Brian, where do you think you are? Payless?
2.84sI say, I say, Paco, grab a mop.
5.39sGod's sake Could somebody get Patches out of here before he decides to bend a fresh biscuit on the conveyor belt?
2.87sShh, It's ok. We'll meet you in the parking lot.
2.12sOh, God, Lois. I need help.
3.1sLook, i--i--I really don't even know why I'm here.
1.73sThe urologist said I was fine.
2.67sWell, sometimes these things can be psychological.
2.43sDoubt that! I mean, I've got a very comfortable life.
2.45sI live with a great family. All my needs are met.
1.72sOk, look.
2.7sSo, maybe this isn't where I thought I was gonna be at 7 years old.
2.27sIt's just that I...