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0.82sNot the out--
1.73s"Outrages," yeah, I think we got it.
2.17sMaybe it's time for Stewie to start potty training.
1.4sIsn't he a little young for that?
2sYou know what happened to the Lindbergh baby.
1.72sCharles, he's only 6 months old.
1.17sHoney, would you relax?
2.27sMy God, I flew across the Atlantic by myself.
1.9sI'm a national treasure, for God's sake.
1.44sI think I know how to...
1.62sAhh! Oh, God! oh, God!
0.77sAll right.
1.43sHe was kidnapped.
2.74sYou call the police. I'll write the ransom note.
2.44sWh-What about Amelia? She saw everything?
2.39sYou leave her to me.
2.4sCome on, honey. He's been having accidents.
1.87sMaybe he's trying to tell us he's ready.
3.2sThis could be a nice way for you and Stewie to bond.
2.12sJames Bond.
2.05sAll right, Lois. I'll do it!