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4.37sThe next time you're out shopping, why don't you splurge on a tin of solid white albacore?
3.47sStewie, are you upset because you went wee-wee on the carpet?
1.48sWhat did you just say?
1.4sHey, Lois...
1.25sHey, did you pee in here?
0.41sIn a moment!
1.23sWhat did you just say?
3.34sPeter, we have a serious problem we need to discuss.
2.62sAw, Jeez, This isn't another one of those interventions, is it?
4.67sPeter, you've been wearing that giant foam cowboy hat for 8 months now.
3.04sPlease, for your family, take it off.
2.55sHey--Hey, I can take this hat off anytime I want.
1.58sI just don't want to.
1.3sGet away!
1.17sNo, it's Stewie.
1.73sHe peed on the carpet.
1.07sDo I...
1.31sDo I hit him?
1.13sBend down, Mother.
1.07sYes, honey?
3.45sHow dare you sully my good name by spreading your slanderous filth!
1.52sStewie, no hitting!
1.37sUse your words.
2.07sHe's probably just ashamed, Lois.
2.87sYou're just a helpless little carpet tinkler, aren't you?
3.47sThe outrages I have suffered today will not be soon forgotten!