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2.03sHere's 50 cents. Do me a favor, sweetheart.
4.37sThe next time you're out shopping, why don't you splurge on a tin of solid white albacore?
3.47sStewie, are you upset because you went wee-wee on the carpet?
1.48sWhat did you just say?
1.4sHey, Lois...
1.25sHey, did you pee in here?
0.41sIn a moment!
1.23sWhat did you just say?
3.34sPeter, we have a serious problem we need to discuss.
2.62sAw, Jeez, This isn't another one of those interventions, is it?
4.67sPeter, you've been wearing that giant foam cowboy hat for 8 months now.
3.04sPlease, for your family, take it off.
2.55sHey--Hey, I can take this hat off anytime I want.
1.58sI just don't want to.
1.3sGet away!
1.17sNo, it's Stewie.
1.73sHe peed on the carpet.