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4.94sI'll save Homer! All I needs is four stout men to work the bellows.
1.93sNo, Pops. It's too risky.
3.07sFor all we know, there could be cubes in there the size of gorillas and other large--
2.87sHelp! I don't have much time!
2.04sThat does it! I'm going in!
1.7sBart, no!
2.2sCool, man!
3.5sI'm gonna be sucked into a black hole! I'm gonna be sucked into oblivion!
3.1sAnd what's gonna become of me on the other side? I don't know!
2.37sI'll save you, Dad.
2.44sI can't get any closer.
2sYou'll have to jump!