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4.14sI have never seen such an obvious attempt to curry my favor.
2.57sFabulous observation, sir. just fabulous.
3.14sBoy, I'm glad that's over.
3.14sNow we can go home and act normal again. What do you mean ?
4sAw, come on. That cornball routine ?
2.7s"I love you, Daddy." Give me a break.
2.74s- I pity you. - Why ?
2.94sAfter you. Thank you so much.
4.47sMe first ! No, me. Me. Me. No, me. No, me. Me. Me.
3.64sHoney, you look so tired. Would you like me to drive ?
3.24sOh, Homie, I think I'm going to be sick.
3.1sThere was a farmer who had a dog
2.14s- And Bingo was his name - Oh
9.54sB-i-n-g-o B-i-n-g-o B-i-n-g-o and Bingo was his name, oh Homie, get in the car.