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5.17sAh ! Oh, yes. Uh, oh, and this must be your lovely wife, Marge.
2.54sOh, and look at little, uh, Lisa.
1.57sWhy, she's growing like a weed.
2.41sAnd this must be, uh, Brat.
4.94sDon't correct the man, Brat. Oh, boss, look what we brought-- gelatin desserts.
2.84sOh, for the love of Peter. That's all anybody brought.
3.3sSome damn fool went around telling everyone I love that slimy goop.
2.84sWell, toss it in the pile over there.
2sAnd... make yourselves at home.
3.24sHear that, Dad ? You can lie around in your underwear and scratch yourself.
2.34s- Now, you listen to me-- - Trouble, Simpson ?
5.1sNo. just congratulating the son on a fine joke about his old man.