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1.53sjust testing.
0.48sWhy, you--
1.79sNo, Homer, not yet.
3.07sThis is what is known as aversion therapy.
3.44sWhen someone hurts you emotionally, you will hurt them physically.
4sAnd gradually you will learn not to hurt each other at all.
2.37sAnd won't that be wonderful, Homer ?
2.67sOh, yes, Doctor.
2.17s- Whoa ! - Aaah !
4.24s- How could you shock your little sister ? - My finger slipped.
0.11sSo did mine.
2.89sAaaah !
2.07sBart, Lisa, stop that.
2.84sNo, no. Now, wait a minute.
3.44sWait ! Wait ! Folks, if I could--