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4.39sIf you want to make fun of my legendary love of cashews-- you have at it.
3.37sUh-huh. All right. Uh, how many times a day do you go to the can?
3.09sOh, about 40, I suppose. When are we going on the air?
0.48sWe're on the air now, Skeletor.
2.39sQuestion two: How long is your wiener? Seriously.
3.52sGreat heavens! What kind of Radiola show is this?
2.65sAll right, how about this? When was your first gay experience?
3.3sOh, well, when I was six, my father took me on a picnic.
1.98sThat was a gay old time.
2.67sHo-ho! I ate my share of wieners that day.
2.17sOh, that sounds lovely. Queer.
3.35sQueer. Um, ever murder anybody?
3.55sMurder? Well, mistakes have been made.
3.05sMonty, I've heard you're a pretty flatulent guy. Any comment on that?
2.07sWell, now, see here. Stop that.
1.93sAttention, wireless listeners.
3.07sMost of the sounds you are now hearing are not being made by me.
3.9sOh, stop! Stop! Won't someone please stop the farting?