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2.25sHey, Dad.
2.87sGive me 50 bucks. I gotta buy some things. Better make it a hundred.
1.68sYeah, me too.
3.52sHomer, don't you think you're spoiling--
3.64sLiving after midnight New music?
3.42sMan, all these bands are just rippin' off judas Priest.
7.96sLovin' till the morning Ooh, I hear this really sucks. Hmm, director's commentary.
2.5sI'm sorry. I am really sorry.
2.13sUgh! Ugh! I don't know what I was thinking,
2.17sbut, uh, Field of Dreams was good, wasn't it?
2.2sMade us all believe again.
3.37sOh, poor Mr. Costner. He tries so hard.
1.95sAh, thanks. You're sweet to say that.
3.24sUh, where are you?
2.07sI'm back here. Hi.
2.8sWill you bring me a sandwich? Please? No-No crusts.