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2.29sShe's the best thing that ever happened to me.
3.42sWe had a wonderful night of love-making in my dumpster.
1.58sALL: Ew!
2.24sI hope she used protection.
1.63sNo offense, Zoidberg,
3.54sbut how is she not driven to madness by your mind-altering stench?
3.74sBecause, my friends, she has no sense of smell.
0.52sThat explains it.
1.45sI get it.
4.05sFor the first time in my life, I'm truly happy.
2.65sIt's just too bad for her there's no cure, I assume.
1.5sOh, but there is!
3.27sA skilled surgeon could perform a nose transplant.
1.6sAh! You're right!
3.57sAnd I, as a renowned ear, nose, and blowhole doctor,
1.9scould do the operation!
2.82sAre you nuts? If she could smell, she'd smell you!