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1.3sEat this!
1.16sOoh, boy, you're really, uh...
1.3s- Ha-Ha! Ha! - J, It feels good J,
1.83sYou're really going for it over there, huh?
1.76sl, uh ... I think, uh ...
1.59sI think those people were just hiding.
1.56sI don't give a shit!
1.73sOkay, Morty, now you'rejust shooting corpses.
0.6sHow do you like this?
1.13sOkay, buddy.
1.59sAll right. That's good. Good job.
1.49sTime to go home.
1.49sWait, stop! Please, don't kill me!
2.2sl-l never intended to harm you, I swear.
2.16sI am trying to end the festival.
0.12sW-W-What do you mean?
8.58sl was going to use your ship to destroy the rich assholes that run our society and save my people from the horrors of this yearly festival.
2.59sFuck that, Rick! We gotta kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
2.2sWhoa! Geez, Marty, purge it down a little.
1.56s"Purge! Don't purge!"
1.49sYou're sending me mixed messages, Rick.
2.76sMarty ... you're acting like a ... freaking lunatic.
0.67sCalm down.
0.99sScrew you, Rick!
2.3sl'll purge you, too, you old, rickety piece of crap!
1.83sThis has been a long time coming!
3sI'm gonna rip your fucking guts out and smear them all over your face!