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1.24sWell, terrific.
2.9sDad, what's going on? What's the deal here?
2.2sI just wanted to spend some time with my daughter.
1.66sYou're growing up so fast.
0.74sYou used to be my little girl.
1.43sRemember when we used to go to the playground,
1.52sand I'd push you on the swings?
2.37sOh, you could push me higher than all the other kids.
1.8sYou were so small and cute.
2.03sI thought you were gonna fly right off into the street.
1.93sI used to pee my pants.
2.03sI know, and now look at you!
2.26sYou have a job. You're making really good money.
1.26sYou're not paying any rent,
1.93sso you have plenty of disposable income.
1.33sOh, god, Dad. Please, don't.
3.7sI just need a few hundred dollars to get through the month. l have some interviews coming up,
1.66sSomething's gonna come through. I can feel it.
1.16sI'm going inside.
2.33sI guess this is what rock bottom feels like, Jerry.
1.9sIt's okay, Marty, It's the purge, you know?
2.59sPushing old lighthouse keepers down the stairs is totally cool.
2.43sIt's not cool, Rick. l-l'm not like these people.
4.13sI can't run around chopping people's heads off one day a year and then sleep well the rest ofthe time.