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2.9swe should start our stories where they begin not start them where they get interest--
1.59s- Get out. - Um, what?
1.73sNo, I'm sick ofthis. You bang on my door,
1.93syou beg me to help you, I share something personal with you,
1.33sand you take a giant shit on it.
1.7sHey, man, we asked if we could put up a beacon --
1.43sWell, you can't. I want you out of here.
1.43sYou're a petty person, and you're insecure,
1.83sand you're taking it out on me. That's a good script.
1.19sWhat the hell?!
1.13sI don't care. I want you out.
1.27sTake that thing down.
1.87sYour grandson is a shitty person. Leave now.
1.43s- Marty! - Rick, I didn't do anything.
1.7sI sat through his entire screenplay --
1.16sYou "sat through it"?
1.9sYes! Did you want me to weep with joy?
2.73s- lt's terrible! - Whoa Marty! We're guests here.
2.7sI tried to be a good guest! He dragged it out of me!
2.26s- I'm taking down this beacon. - No, stop! That's not fair!
3.1sJust because you hate your own writing doesn't make me a bad person!