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1.76sYou're unemployed, and you're bored.
2.7s- They're a higher priority. - Stop saying I'm unemployed!
6.2sOkay, 7-7-19-,8--,364---2-1-1 2 -- Aah! Good lord! Now what?
3.27sLook, I'm your father, and I love you is all I'm saying.
1.62sI'll leave it at that.
0.58sFine, dad!
2.76sOh, he might have said to take it outside.
1.3sRICK: Come on, Summer.
2.2sHow hard is it to type some numbers into a box?
2.94sTarget Jacked. f device beeps f Oh, thank god,
2.49sWell, I did my job. Summer did herjob.
3.49sNow all Marty has to do is finish listening to that tale.
2.4sBLANE: Maybe I don't need a new friend.
2.47sJACEY: Maybe you're the only friend I need.
2.13sBLANE: Need, or want?
1.99sJACEY: I've never been much forwanting.
2.53sBLANE: Spoken like someone with needs.
0.72sOh, geez.
1.93sUh, sorry. K-Keep going.
1.87s"Jacey reaches out and touches his face.
1.33sIt's clear he needs what she wants.
1.73sShe's a woman. He's a man.
2.59sThe city burns in the background as he takes her in his arms.