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1.4sNo such agenda, chief.
1.59sWe're not too keen on the purge, either, sir.
4.03sWe were just hoping to get on the roof of your lighthouse so we can send a beacon to my sister on Earth.
1.73s- It's a different planet. - By the way,
2.8slife on other planets exists. Don't let it distract you.
3.99sI'll let you use my lighthouse for shelter and beacon-sending on the condition that you listen to my tale.
2.03sAll right, I'm gonna go to the roof and set things up,
1.37sMarty, you listen to his tale.
2.3s"Fade in. Exterior. Unnamed city. Day.
1.99sThe hustle and bustle is a symphony of progress.
2.7sWe pan past windows, each of which contain a different story,
2.83sto find Jacey Lakims, 28 -- hot, but doesn't know it.
3.26sJacey stops when her high heel gets caught in the grating of a sewer.
2.53sSuddenly, a man steps into frame and points a gun at her.
2.13sThis is not her day.
1.4sFade to black.
2.9sTitle -- 'three weeks earlier."'
2.76sYou really don't want to talk to me about this.