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2.16sYou son of a bitch!
1.43sMarty, I don't want to be the "a little help" guy,
2.83sbut a little help?
1.83sOkay, I have a pen, Ga,
3.66s7-7-1-9-8-3- 6-4-2-1-1-2-5.
1.23sA spoon, Marty?
1.13s- A spoon?! - I'm sorry.
1.66sThere's a pile of silverware next to you,
2.23sand you throw me the one thing that can never kill anything?
1.56sAll right, okay!
1.99sSummer, on the shelf above my workbench in the garage,
1.73sthere's a red box with a keypad on it.
1.76sYou're gonna take that box outside,
2.33sand you're gonna type the number I just gave you into the keypad.
1.43s- Got it? - Got it,
1.8sIs it just part of growing up to hate your dad?
2.73sl'm ignoring you.
2.06sMarty, if I can get to the top ofthat lighthouse,
2.03sI can send the beacon, and your sister can launch our package.
3.53sJust remember, ifthere's people in there and they try to purge us, we got to purge them first.
1.97sWe're not purging anyone, Rick, all right? W-Will you stop it?
1.7sMarty, if we're gonna survive tonight,
2.3syou're gonna need to harness your repressed rage.
1.16sI don't have any!
2.87sSpoken like a person with repressed rage.