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1.63sHey, Summer, it's Grandpa.
1.99sI need you to do me a favor.
0.03sI can barely hear you.
1.4sWho is it?
1.63sMarty and l are on a planet that's purging.
2.3s- I need you to take down -- - A plan that's what?
1.99sWe're on a planet that's purging, Summer. Purging.
2.53sWe lost our car and my gun, and we're in a purge.
0.05sOoh, is it Taddi Mason?
1.61sLike the movie "The Purge"?
1.66sYes, l-l need you to take --
1.2sThat movie sucked.
1.13sOh, my god. Hold on.
1.66sIt's not Taddi Mason?
1.66sDad, who the fuck is Taddi Mason?
1.13s- My friend. - Aah!
1.43sAre you okay? I'm putting you on speaker.
0.14sYes, Jerry, it's Taddi,
1.73sa person no one's ever heard of until now,
1.56scalling you on a space phone.
1.43sJERRY: I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.
1.97sReload, fast.
1.87sSummer, w-we need you to take down this number.
0.87sQuit screwing around.
1.46sMorty? Are you all right?
2.13s- No! - Why are youwith Taddi Mason?
2.09sHoly shit Dad! Shut the fuck up!
3.66sOkay. I guess I'm just this entire family's toilet paper.
1.99sAre you writing this down? Will you please write this down?
3.09s- SUMMER: Yes, yes. - 7-7-1-9-8...