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3.53sY-You got to come back. Change your mind.
1.52sOh, geez.
2.8sMarty! Aah! Fucking Amish bitch shot me!
1.73sShe tried to purge me, Marty,
2.09sYou let yourwiener do the walking, and now I'm dead.
0.1sRick, she took the car!
2.33sYou fucking kidding me, Marty?!
1.3sShe took my car and the gun,
1.73sWe're like the rest of these assholes now.
1.33sW-W-We're gonna get purged, Marty,
1.4sHelp me up,
1.37sOh, geez, geez! Wait a minute, Rick.
1.63sWhy don't we just use your portal gun?
1.16sIt's in the car, dip-ass.
1.49sOh, god, it hurts.
1.52sShe got me right in the goddamn liver, Morty.
1.93sIt's the hardest-working liver in the galaxy, Marty,
1.93sand now it has a hole in it. I hope it was worth it.
1.66sl was just trying to do right.
2.2sYeah, well, that's not really the theme of tonight's party.
1.59sHeads up, Rapists.
1.26sWell, don't just stand there, Marty,
1.16s- Purge 'em. - Me?
1.83sNo, me. Should I rub my liver hole on them?
1.83sPick up a stick or something and kill them.
0.42sUm, w-we come in peace.
2.2sOh, my god,
1.43sThere's more where that came from!
1.33sYou want to get purged, you bring it!
2.9sDrop drop your shit! Drop it all.