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1.16sAt first, everyone was like,
1.47s"look at those douchebags purging."
1.26sAnd then the next thing you know,
1.66sthey're like, "it's just so convenient."
3.1sGeez, you working on your tight five for the comedy store, Morty?
1.19sWhatcha doing?
2.43sWatching some TV, playing on your phone?
2.9s- Is that a real question? - Just making conversation.
2.59sAre you? What part of that gives me anything to work with?
2.73sMy choice is to say nothing, be sarcastic,
1.97sor bark "yes" like a trained animal.
1.49sIt's not a conversation.
1.47sYou're holding me verbally hostage.
2.33sOkay, ass-face. I'll go in the kitchen.
0.24sHey, Dad.
1.63sWhatcha doing? Going into the kitchen?
1.63s- Yeah, you like that? - Screw you.
4.16sSo, uh, do most people wear masks when they purge?
2.16sl-l don't want to answer any more purge questions.
1.83sAll right, hey, hey, that's cool.
1.7sI can roll with that.
1.4s- My nana! - Huh?
2.03sMy nana! We have to save her!