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1.09sYou little turd.
1.83sPlease! Leave me alone!
1.97sLeave you alone? During a purge?
1.56sI don't think so, baby.
1.59sIt's okay. We're not gonna hurt you.
2.23sMy name is Marty, This is my grandpa.
2.43s- We're tourists. - Not anymore.
1.33s- Aah! - Aah!
1.52sOh, my god, This is fucking awesome!
1.73sMarty, this is really cool.
2.76sHey, y-you want to help me out here and kill some people?
1.63sIt's fun. We're totally justified...
1.83sbecause we're saving a little girl.
2.47sI mean, w-w-we're both free and clear to murder these people.
1.73s- Are you okay? - Yes.
1.26sl have to find somewhere to hide.
1.66sWell, you can hide with us, Rick?
1.76s- Yeah? - Do you think we could take --
1.4s- W-What's your name? - Arthrisha.
3.57sCould we take Arthrisha up in the ship and, you know, just wait out the purge?
3.33sOh, Morty, how can I refuse after all you've done to blackmail me?
2.37sYour vehicle -- Is it from the gods?