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2.66sMy appetite for purge-spectating got f-illed pretty quick.
1.7sOh, god,
1.43sGet away from me!
1.49sNo! No! Help!
1.16sSomebody help me! Aah!
1.73sAll right, Marty, L-Let's get out of here.
2.09sWait, wait, wait. Hold on. W-We have to go down there.
1.33sWhat? Why?
2.09sThat poor girl. W-We have to save her.
4.4sUh, Marty, in space, we have something we call the non-interference policy. We got the wiper fluid.
1.99sWe watched them kill each other. We're leaving.
2.76sHelp me save that girl, or I'm telling mom you brought me here.
1.09sYou little turd.
1.83sPlease! Leave me alone!
1.97sLeave you alone? During a purge?
1.56sI don't think so, baby.
1.59sIt's okay. We're not gonna hurt you.
2.23sMy name is Marty, This is my grandpa.
2.43s- We're tourists. - Not anymore.
1.33s- Aah! - Aah!
1.52sOh, my god, This is fucking awesome!
1.73sMarty, this is really cool.
2.76sHey, y-you want to help me out here and kill some people?
1.63sIt's fun. We're totally justified...
1.83sbecause we're saving a little girl.