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1.8sMAN: And there's the approach.
2.2sJerry, what is "Taddi Mason LLC,"
2.09sand why is our phone bill $700?
0.06sHey, are you bored...
1.43s- Uh... - ...konefy,
1.43sfast making for a friend?
1.49sCall me, Taddi Mason.
3.26s/t's only , l, 99 a minute tc? ta/k - Uh... Sign up today,
1.9sand iii even call you on a regular basis...
1.4s- Uh... - ...forjust Sh 99 a minute.
4.77sThat's a steal because i 'm a great pai We could talk about sports or barbecue.
1.93sJerry, get a job.
1.43sOh, my god!
1.43sDid you get any ofthat?
1.97slt's-a good-a show!