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4.74sCool it, now, Take it easy.
2.23sThere's too much aggression here.
5.1sWhat if we designate a period oftime during which we can all get this hate, murder,
3.06sand rage out of our system --
3.09sI can't help but feel ashamed about what I did back there, Rick.
4.29sI guess you were right. I've got a lot of repressed stuff I need to deal with. Don't worry about it, Marty,
1.7sRemember those candy bars earlier...
2.16sthat we got in the first act? Yeah, what about them?
4.1sTurns out they have a chemical in them called purgenol that amplifies all your violent tendencies.
2.16sOh, boy, Whew! Thank goodness for that, huh?
1.16sThat's a relief.
1.16sYep. Don't even sweat.
1.23sYou're still the same old Marty,
2.94sYour character's totally protected.
3.03sJ, It feels good J,