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1.3sCan't you make some more?
2.43sOh, sure. And while I'm making food for everyone,
1.93swho takes care of my kids?
3.94sI'll take care of your kids, if I get some extra food for it.
1.47sExtra food?
2.73sWell, I'm not gonna do extra work if we all get the same.
1.63sAll right, okay, fair is fair.
1.8slfyou do extra work, you get extra food.
3.7sWho's gonna keep track of who gets how much food for how much work?
1.52sHello. I can do that.
1.76sI'll keep track of everyone's food,
1.66syou know, in exchange for food.
1.47sThat's not a real job!
2.09sOh, and making food is?
2.23sYou son of a bitch!
1.23sEat this!
4.74sCool it, now, Take it easy.
2.23sThere's too much aggression here.
5.1sWhat if we designate a period oftime during which we can all get this hate, murder,
3.06sand rage out of our system --
3.09sI can't help but feel ashamed about what I did back there, Rick.
4.29sI guess you were right. I've got a lot of repressed stuff I need to deal with. Don't worry about it, Marty,