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2.06sYeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck you for shooting my liver.
1.43sI'll see you around.
2.2sOh, man. What -- What happened?
1.47sDon't worry about it, Marty,
1.37sListen, if you wanted to try to get a piece,
2.63syou better hurry up, Now's your last chance.
1.93sHey, hey, Arthrisha, um, maybe I could --
1.93sUh, l have a boyfriend.
0.32sI'm not trying to be rude.
1.43sI just -- I don't want to lead you on.
1.83sl-l-l understand.
2.49sI mean, thank you so much for helping end the festival,
2.8sbut I have a boyfriend, and, uh, he'sjust --
1.63sOkay, okay, you can stop saying it.
1.19sI took it okay the first time,
1.56sand now you're just repeating stuff.
1.59s- Oh, I'm sorry. - It's okay.
3.44sOh, you're so sweet, I just -- Oh, but I can't.
1.52sYeah, you're still doing it.
3.6sIt won't be easy creating a new society from the ground up,