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1.99sJ, Ohh, it feels good J,
4.34sOkay, now it's time we do a little dancing to -- to Tony! Toni! Toney, P It feels good, yeah '
1.83sLook at my fucking feet, motherfucker!
2.2sWhoo! Aw, yeah! J, It feels good J,
1.52sArthrisha, what do you got?
1.37sCheck this move out. ' Oh, it feels good '
2.7sOh, ho!
2.76sI don't know what song that is, but I fucking love it!
1.33s"Feels Good."
1.76sIt's a fucking hit song, J, It feels good J,
1.93sTopped the charts, I think. Ho, ho!
2.33sJ, Oh, it feels good J,
1.43sHey, thanks for helping me, Rick.
1.47sYou're a pretty great guy.
2.06sYeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck you for shooting my liver.
1.43sI'll see you around.
2.2sOh, man. What -- What happened?
1.47sDon't worry about it, Marty,
1.37sListen, if you wanted to try to get a piece,
2.63syou better hurry up, Now's your last chance.
1.93sHey, hey, Arthrisha, um, maybe I could --