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2.76sTo another successful year of the festival,
3.7spitting poor people against each other for thousands of years.
1.9sWait, w-where is that music coming from?
2.33sWhat is the meaning ofthis? J, It feels good J,
1.66sHere's the deal. I'm not here to judge.
1.37sI'm just a guy from another planet.
1.56sBut this girl is one of your poor people,
5.46sand I guess you guys felt like it was okay to subject her to inhuman conditions because there was no chance of it ever hurting you.
4.2sIt's sort of the socio-political equivalent of, say, a suit of power armor around you,
2.99sBut now things are evened out, so, Arthrisha?
2.26sHappy Festival cock suckers!
2.47sSuck my cock! Chew my balls!
1.23sSuck my huge dick!
1.02s- Geez. - P It feels good '
1.56sYou want to get in on this, Rick?
2.3sNo, I really -- Honestly, l-l've had my fill.
1.4slt's gratuitous at this point.
1.3sYou sure you don't want to join in?
1.66sThis is really amazing. J, It feels good J,
2.53sYeah, but -- Ah, all right. Fuck it.