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4.77sDon't eat pork not even with a fork Can't touch this!
2.79sMarge, are we jewish? No, Homer.
3.72sWhoo-hoo! Mmm!
3.09sBut, first, we all stink. We all-- Hey!
2.15sThat's according to a national survey ranking Springfield...
2.47sas the least popular city in America.
2.1sIn science-- dead last.
4.54sI'm telling you people. The Earth revolves around the Sun!
2.6sBurn him!
3.47sWhat a story! You've stolen my soul!
2.25sIn culture-- dead last.
4.1sEleanor, we've got to do something about this depression.
3.94sSo I propo-- Oh, that's right. I'm crippled.
3.27sThis is terrible. People will start to avoid Springfield.
3.67sBut what can I do? I'm just-- one-- one man.
1.99sI think we should call a town meeting.
2.74sIf we don't do something soon, we won't get any tourists at all.