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2.35s- Next! - ¬°Excellente!
4.27sEs muy bueno. Oh, it's hopeless. I'll have to play myself.
1.72sOh, I thought they were playing...
3.3sThe Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight.
4.22sOur first film is by Indian director Apu Nahasapeemapetilon--
2.6sBright Lights, Beef jerky.
2.29sHelp! Help! Police!
2.74sHey, I got problems of my own right now. Oh, boy.
3.17sThis is gonna get worse before it gets better.
4.34sNext, we have Moe the bartender in Moe Better Booze.
1.83sMoney gets you one more round
9.27sDrink it down you stupid clown Money gets you one more round Or you're out on your ass Whoa! Ah, my back!
2.8sHans Moleman Productions presents...
3.87sMan Getting Hit by Football.