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2.89sYoung man, that appears to be a picture of your rear end.
2.09sSo long, suckers!
4.02sAw! This is the last time I use an escape plan devised by Milhouse.
1.82sSorry, Bart.
4.24sI'm Marge Simpson, and I have an idea.
2.1sMarge is gonna say something.
3sNow, I know you haven't liked some of my past suggestions,
2.13slike switching to the metric system.
3.75sI think the metric system is the tool of the devil!
3.45sMy car gets 40 rods to the hogshead,
2.57sand that's the way I likes it!
2.53sThe old person's remarks will be stricken from the record.
1.7sWho said that?
1.18sBut my new idea's different.
4.05sI think we should hold a film festival and give out prizes.
0.63sCould we make our own movies and enter them?
2.45sAt last, an excuse to wear makeup!
3.35sAll in favor of Marge Simpson's film festival idea?
2.45sFilm festival! Film festival!
3.47sYou like my idea? Actually, I have several others.