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1.37sI don't have all day.
1.37sYou're going to have to take that somewhere else.
1.6sIt shouldn't be this hard! You know what? I'm on break.
2.44sPeter, enough with the storytelling. We gotta get outta here!
1.13sThey're gonna kill Meg!
2.47sOh, yeah? Over Meg's dead body.
2.23sHey! A flare gun. Good idea, Peter.
1.37sIf we angle it through the vent,
2.44swe might be able to alert the authorities.
2.04sOh, my God! We're gonna drown!
2.34sWe'll be fine. Here, put these on.
1.03sPeter, these are parachutes.
1.87sWhat are we supposed to do with these?
3.37sThey're supposed to distract you while I put on the one scuba suit.
2.97s(COUGHING) What's the matter?