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1.3sIs someone there?
1.8sLois! Who are you?
1.2sHi. I'm Nate Griffin.
1.97sI work against my will for your dad.
1.77sOh, yeah? Well, what do you do?
2.3sWell, let's just say I know my way around a hoe.
6.51s(BOTH CHUCKLING) PETER: And from the moment that piece of off-color blue comedy was uttered,
2.27stheir lives were changed forever.
1.2sYou wanna do it?
2.3sYou bet your sweet black ass I do.
4.64sPETER: So for the next 15 years, they raised a family in secrecy.
2.44sSupper's ready! Come and get it, kids!
2.77sYou know the best part about being half-black and half-white?
3.34sWhen I grow up, I'll be accepted by everybody.
1.23s(GASPS) A-ha!
1.47sJust as I thought!
2.6sLois, how in God's name could you embarrass the family like this?
2.37sWhoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Sitting right here.
1.73sDaddy, you're the embarrassment.
1.8sNate and I love each other!
2.8sTell it to the authorities, because you're all going to jail!