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1.5sNo, it's stupid.
2.07sWell, I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way.
1sNo! Open your mouth.
1.33sNo! No! Peter, open your mouth!
1.63s(SCREAMING) Show me your teeth! Show me your teeth!
2.34s(GLASS SHATTERING) Peter, did you hear that?
2.47sOh, my God, there are men breaking into our house.
1.6sDad, what is it? What's going on?
1.17sI heard a noise.
2.1sIs somebody downstairs?
2.3sOh, God, Meg, you startled me. I'm sorry.
1.77sWhat the hell's your problem, you dumbass?
2.2sWhat the deuce is all the commotion?
1.23sQuick, everyone get in the attic.
2.37sPeter, what is that?
4.37sWell, I got the idea to build a panic room after I saw that movie, The Butterfly Effect.
2.13sI thought, "Wow, this is terrible.
3.17s"I wish I could escape to a place "where this movie couldn't find me,"