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1.53sTobi with an "I."
2.87sWith an accent over the "I," and a little line over the "O,"
3sso you know it's a long vowel sound and not a short one.
1.97sAnd sometimes I like to dot the "I"
2.64swith a little smiley face or a heart or something.
1.6sSomething to brighten the reader's day.
1.93sI asked you what your name was.
2.94sHoney, you keep that up, it's whatever you want it to be.
1.57sPETER: Of course, back then,
1.97sthe South was a very different place than it is today.
4.44sA backward place where they didn't believe in science and hated others just for being different.
3.07sTime has a way of changing a place and its people.
2.23sUh, excuse me. Hi. Yeah, is--is there, like,
2.54sa human resources guy we could talk to?
3.3sUm, I have a work-related grievance. What?
2.37sYeah, the quarters are too crowded, the hours are long,