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2.94sHey, you guys wanna go get a drink at Club 227?
1.27sNot today, Joemama.
2.17sI'm going off to find a log to build a drum,
2.17sso I can play the opening part from Hot For Teacher.
1.47sI'll see you guys later.
1sComing up in this half hour,
2.5sflies on your face: how many is too many?
3.3sBut first, that orange thing in the sky and what you can do to please it.
1.93sYou know, you shouldn't be poking around out here.
1.63sWhite men have been spotted nearby,
3.7slaying traps and forming slo-pitch softball leagues.
1.4sWell, whatever makes them happy.
1.93sLive and let live, that's what I say.
1.67sAnd I'm sure that's what they say, too.
3.3sHello. I'm Cleveland from South Carolina.
1.8sWow, you're a different color than me.
1.6sWould you like to be equals?
0.4sHey, Quagdingo, you wanna play I-spy again?
2sI spy something beige.
1.6sWood. Yeah.