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2.07sPut my sandwich on whole wheat, please.
1.37sNo, no, no, no, don't--don't use that mustard.
1.6sUse the other mustard.
1.43sOh, God, Meg, they know you're there.
1.07sQuick, scrape that mustard off.
1.1sUse the other mustard!
4.04sOh, no. The burglars got my baby.
2.74sI think they're making a sign to tell us something.
3.04sBetter not be using my crayons, mixing them up.
1.9s"We have your son."
1.67sMeg's our daughter.
1.5sPeter, do something!
4.14sYou know, Meg being captured by evil men reminds me of another story.
1.3sIt's distracting.
3sUm, this is the story of my ancestor Nate Griffin.
2.1sOf course, Nate Griffin was his slave name.
2.27sHis real name was Richard Bachman.
3.44sAnd this is the story of his roots.
8.28sIt all began in Africa in the tiny village of Quahogswana where he was a proud member of the tribe of Tootie-and-Blair.