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1.44sWhat did I say?
1.93sMAN 1: "Hassle-free checking." MOSES: Damn it!
2.9sMAN 2: "Mancow in the morning." Shut up!
2.2sPeter, can we stop the stories for a minute?
1.97sWe need to figure out how we're gonna survive.
1.73sI mean, is there even any food in here?
1.23sRight, good thinking.
1.23sMeg, go get us some sandwiches.
1.37sWait a minute, that's a great idea.
1.33sIf Meg can get through the vent,
1.47sshe can sneak out and go get help.
1.53sDad, I can't go through the vent.
2.7sYeah, she's right. We need to grease her up so she doesn't get stuck.
1.27sEverybody, spit on Meg.
3.04sStop! Stop! Stop! Okay, okay!
3.24sI meant I can't do it because there are burglars down there.
1.53sCome on, they're not gonna touch you.
0.9sYou're covered with spit.
1.5sBe careful, Meg.
3.97s(MEG SCREAMING) I hate you all!
1.23sHey, I hate you too, bitch.
2.03sOh, no, no, I'm just kidding. Can you imagine?
2.2sYou think Meg made it through the vent?
1.3sWell, let's find out.
2.27sOh, there she is. She's in the kitchen.