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4.04sCommandment Number 3: There are no more Jolly Ranchers, they're all gone.
4.4sCommandment Number 4: When we pass a billboard, please don't read it out loud, all right?
1.53sNow, come on, let's get going.
3.34sOoh, look at that. "Danny Gans, Entertainer of the Year."
1.44sWhat did I say?
1.93sMAN 1: "Hassle-free checking." MOSES: Damn it!
2.9sMAN 2: "Mancow in the morning." Shut up!
2.2sPeter, can we stop the stories for a minute?
1.97sWe need to figure out how we're gonna survive.
1.73sI mean, is there even any food in here?
1.23sRight, good thinking.
1.23sMeg, go get us some sandwiches.
1.37sWait a minute, that's a great idea.
1.33sIf Meg can get through the vent,
1.47sshe can sneak out and go get help.
1.53sDad, I can't go through the vent.
2.7sYeah, she's right. We need to grease her up so she doesn't get stuck.
1.27sEverybody, spit on Meg.
3.04sStop! Stop! Stop! Okay, okay!