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3.3sHey, Lois. I'm gonna go nail a couple of dinosaurs in the next valley.
1.27sPeter, that's terrible.
1.23sHey, I don't know any better.
2.14sI'm a dinosaur. I don't have morals.
1.2sHey, a herpesaur.
1.4sHey, Peter, does your tail itch?
2.24sPETER: After that, a meteor hit the earth,
2.24sturning it into a block of ice for some reason.
2.47sBut then it thawed and cavemen came.
1.47sWhy Peter look sad?
3.64sBrian, Peter invent wheel. Peter show wheel to people in town,
1.23sbut no one want wheel.
2sEveryone excited about trapezoid.
1.33sNo one buy wheel.
1.3sPeter, you invent wheel?
1.2sThat big breakthrough.
1.33sThis maybe make you millionaire.
2.1sThen how come no one buy Peter wheel?
1.53sMaybe sales pitch not good enough.
1.33sBrian help.
2.17sOkay, sell wheel just like practice.
1.2sNot sure can do it.
1.87sYou so money. Don't know it.
1.43sHi, me Peter.
1.53sTired walking everyplace?