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2.47sEverything started with the big bang.
1.37sIt was a Saturday night,
2.33sand God and his roommate Chugs were arm wrestling.
2.37s(CHUCKLING) You're going down, man.
3.74s(FARTS) Oh, dude, that is sick.
2.04sYeah! Undefeated!
4.14sOh, wait, wait, wait. Here--Here comes another one. Quick, give me your lighter.
1.23s(LOUD BANG)
1.77sGOD: You smell that?
3.6sPETER: Then, over millions of years, evolution took its course.
5.6sOf course, I'm obligated by the State of Kansas to present the Church's alternative to the theory of evolution.
4.44sAnd the noblest of all those early creatures was the dinosaur.