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3.24sYes, it is, Peter, because sometimes at night when Eva has to go,
3.57sif she goes in there and the seat is up and it's dark, she sits in the water.
2.64sNo way. Get the hell out of here.
5.07s(GUN FIRES) Oh, no. You stupid idiot! What did you do?
1.43sOh, my God!
2sAll right, listen, there'll be time to grieve,
1.67sbut you-you go t to tell me first,
2.13sdid you actually sit in the water or was that...
2.6sWell, that's pretty much all there is to tell, kids.
3.07sThe Griffin family history is a rich tapestry.
1.73sBut since we're all gonna die,
3.2sthere's one more secret I feel I have to share with you.
2.94s- I did not care for The Godfather. - What?
1.63sDid not care for The Godfather.
1.43sHow can you even say that, Dad?
1.4sDidn't like... Didn't like it.
2.17sPeter, it's so good. It--It's like the perfect movie.
2.2sThis is what everyone always says whenever...
1.77sRobert De Niro, Al Pacino...
2.74sI mean, you never see... Robert Duvall!