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2.54sCome on. You deserve it. You deserve it.
3sHey, what do you say we all head over to the Boozenpuken, eh?
3.17sFree beer on this motherfuhrer! Eh? Come on!
1.57sI just... I--I can't take it anymore.
1.67sHe's driving me crazy.
1.64sTake it easy, honey.
1.7sKnock, knock.
2.2sHey, there, bro. How's it going?
4.37sGetting a lot of positive feedback about that rally. Lot of positive feedback.
1.9sEverybody loved my Germanator joke.
2.67sLook, Peter. I want you to move out.
2.54sYou can't live here anymore. You're a pain in my ass. I want you out.
2.4sOh, come on, man. That's not fair.
2.84sLook, if this is about the whole me-leaving-the-seat-up thing,
2.04sI mean, that's... Is that really a--a big deal?
3.24sYes, it is, Peter, because sometimes at night when Eva has to go,
3.57sif she goes in there and the seat is up and it's dark, she sits in the water.
2.64sNo way. Get the hell out of here.
5.07s(GUN FIRES) Oh, no. You stupid idiot! What did you do?