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4.74s(CROWD CHEERING) The days of despair and hardship are over!
2.43sToday begins a new order!
5.94sAll of Europe will tremble as Germany takes its rightful place as ruler of the world!
1.64sOh, yeah!
3.47sYes. As I was saying, the time for victory is upon us!
2.5sVictory up the ass, baby! Yeah, come on!
3.44sA new-- A new world! A better world!
1.67sA German world!
3.94sYeah! Germanator! I'll be back! Yeah!
2.97sWe will emerge as the dominant people!
1.77sAnd it's all 'cause of you guys. You know what?
2.7sYou guys, with your marching, and your letters, and your phone calls...
1.9sThis--This is all thanks to you.
2sYou--You made this happen, you guys.