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7.24sPETER: "Black-Eye" Griffin struggled to make ends meet until he died tragically in the same manner as 78% of Americans at that time.
2.87sHe was stabbed in a card fight.
3.07sIt was a simpler time. It was a better time.
3.47sWell, no matter what happens to us, I just hope Meg's okay.
4.24sSo, is... Is this, like, the part - where you guys have your way with me? What?
1.7sYou know, where I'm, like, helpless,
2.33sand you guys take turns. You know?
3.7sOh, no! Oh, God! Oh, no, no, no, no!
1.17sBURGLAR: What did she say?
1.7sShe asked if we were gonna have our way with her.
2.47sEw! No, seriously. I won't scream or anything.
2.64sNo! No! I... I... No. No sale.
1.5sCome on! I'm pretty!
2.4s(PANTING) Are you okay?
1.67sYeah. I was so scared.
4.7sWell, it sure would suck if you guys died without hearing the story of my great-uncle, Peter Hitler,