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2.5sRuth, is there something you wanna tell me?
3.17sRemember when I said my ex-husband was behind on his child support?
3.54sMm-hmm. Well, to even things up, I kind of stole his car.
3.22sDidn't you realize all you had to do was report him to the police?
0.53sMarge, you're the levelheaded friend I never had.
2.73sWe're in pursuit of two female suspects.
4.42sOne is wearing a green dress, pearls and has a lot of blue hair.
2.5sA lot of blue hair? What a freak.
1.92sIt's Marge!
3.84sShe's become a crazed criminal just because I didn't take her to the ballet.
3.4sThat's exactly how Dillinger got started. Really?
3.54sI don't wanna be a wet blanket, but maybe you should give yourself up.
2sMarge, it's a matter of principle.
4.47sI just can't let that deadbeat win again. You're with me, aren't ya?
2.17sI should say something reassuring yet noncommittal.
5.19sMarge, there's no reason for you to get dragged into this.