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2.2sHey, a new weather station!
4.15sI'll bash it good. Oh,
2.22sit's just no fun without Marge.
3.67sAh, there's nothing like moonshine from your own still.
2.37sOh, Simpson.
2.33sWhat are you doing here?
1.97sMy wife's having a girls' night out.
1.82sAh, just get one of those inflatable women.
1.93sBut make sure it's a woman though.
3.3s'Cause one time I--
2.55sCome on. I'll, uh-- I'll give you a ride home.
3.32sI miss you, Marge.
2.59sHuh. Their left taillight's a little smaller than their right one.
3.1sI better pull 'em over.