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3sHomer, stop that. It's just a weather station.
4sCome on, Marge. It's fun to smash things.
4.17sI smashed it good.
2.19sYou got real "Purdy" hair.
2.99sYou know, Marge, of all the places we've been tonight,
3.24s- I think I like this one the best. - Mmm. Me too.
3.75sLook, you can see our houses.
3.25sThere's an awful lot of black smoke coming from my chimney.
3.4sMr. Hutz, why are you burning all your personal papers?
2.9sAs of this moment, Lionel Hutz no longer exists.
2.9sSay hello to Miguel Sanchez.
2.14sMmm, maybe we should call it a night.
4.9sOkay. I should get home to my daughter before that naked talk show comes on.
2.5sAh, young love.
2.14sThe old make-out place.
2.2sHey, a new weather station!
4.15sI'll bash it good. Oh,